Do you love stories? Silly question really, everyone loves stories right?

Human language has evolved through telling stories, each of us share ancestors who huddled round crackling fires and regaled kin with tales of the hunt, of adventure, of wisdom, humour and supernatural terror.

With our brains hard-wired for story, the simple form of live storytelling is making a huge resurgence and the application of stories more celebrated than ever.

Wild Edge Storytelling specialises in the use of stories to facilitate connection. This could be between groups of people, the natural world, new audiences, the inner world, or useful ideas and teachings.

This can be delivered through:

  • Storytelling performance
  • Workshops, training and coaching
  • Development programmes
  • Consultation

Storytelling can mean many things to many people, but since you are here, it’s likely you are interested in using stories for one of the following:

  • Live, responsive entertainment
  • Developing narratives to engage new audiences
  • Bringing learning topics to life
  • Supporting health and wellbeing through applied storytelling
  • Communicating more powerfully and clearly
  • Using storytelling as a tool for social development
  • Creating ecological awareness and nature connection

We often get approached by:

  • Festival and events programmers (Performance)
  • Educational institutions (performance and workshops)
  • Third sector organisations (Performance, development or training)
  • Social enterprises and start ups (Narrative development training)
  • Budding storytellers (Workshops, training and coaching)

or more generally people who:

  • Believe excellent stories make the world a better place
  • Value wonder, curiosity and a sense of adventure
  • Believe in everyday moments of magic
  • Value “off screen” entertainment
  • Value social connection and interaction
  • Appreciate ancient traditions and styles of teaching
  • Want to access diverse worldviews and perspectives